R U Ok ??

This Lighthouse Point Police Department Program is designed to check up on residents who may be elderly, ill, or alone. The “Are You Okay Program” is a computerized telephone system that calls Lighthouse Point residents every morning, at a time set up by the resident, to check on their welfare. If a resident does not answer the telephone after three calls, an alert is issued by the program. The dispatcher will then send an officer to the resident’s home to check on their welfare. The program contains valuable information on program participants such as key-holders to the residence, doctor’s name and contact information, and relatives’ name and contact information. In the event of an emergency, officers will have the appropriate information available to them to better assist the resident.

This effective system has been in operation in Lighthouse Point since 1997. The system has helped save lives and is highly recommended for people who live alone or with a handicapped person. The program is free of charge. To become a program participant please contact the Crime Prevention Officer at 954-784-3423