Always Dial 911 in case of an emergency!

Non-Emergency Telephone Numbers: (Main) 954-942-8080 (Fax) 954-784-3412

If you would like to send an email to the Chief, or any department member, you may do so by using the first initial of the person’s first name, followed by their last name,
For example, Jane Doe would be written as

Important Contact Information

Chief of Police Ross Licata 954-784-3425
Patrol Commander Commander M. Oh 954-784-3426
Investigations Commander Commander J. Vaccaro 954-784-3438
Training and Employment Sergeant C. Oh 954-784-3422
Communications Supervisor Heather Trudel 954-942-8080
Crime Prevention Detective Andrew Gianino 954-784-3415
Marine Patrol Cpl. Mike Search 954-942-8080
Community Policing/Volunteer Coordinator Officer Paul McCormick 954-784-3423
Accreditation Manager Commander J. Vaccaro 954-784-3438
Chief’s Administrative Assistant Renee Boyens 954-784-3425
Investigations Secretary Eileen Hughes 954-942-8086

The Lighthouse Point Police Department is located at:
3701 NE 22 Ave
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064