Lighthouse Point Crime Information

Crime Reporting in LHP

Want to know where the crimes are in Lighthouse Point? You can now see all the dates/times and locations of crimes in LHP.

Lighthouse Point has one of the lowest crime rates in our area, but crime does happen and we all need to be constantly aware. Often we hear complaints that residents are not informed of crime in their neighborhoods. We recognized the issue that people are not reading the local daily newspapers and not getting immediate up-to-date information. In an effort to correct this, we set up a Crime Tracking System available to all residents.

The system allows residents to check on any type of crime that happened either on their block, their neighborhood, or the whole City. Residents have the option of having that information sent to their email address on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They can set the parameters of how often, how big an area in the City, and exactly what types of crime, they would like to be advised of. All our crimes are generally available online within 24 hours. One last feature we added in response to resident’s requests was immediate notification when our Police Department is assisted by the BSO helicopter in tracking a suspect in LHP. Within minutes of the helicopter arrival in LHP, an email message is sent out to all subscribers alerting them to where and what the Police are looking for and advising residents on what to do.

To access this information Click Here. Enter your home address and you will see location markers on the map that pop up showing all the crimes within the last 72 hours.

By going to “advanced search”, you can both change the dates you wish to search and select which specific type crime you want to review. Finally, by selecting “Create Alert” you can sign up to have the crime reports emailed to you and/or have the emergency alerts emailed to you.

Our goal in sharing this information is to alert residents that criminal activity does occur in our City and that we all need to take sensible precautions. Crime prevention is a partnership between our Police and our Residents.